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Tai Chi Fighting Workshop 2024
January 24 - 28
  • Wednesday (1/24): 1:00pm - 9:30pm
  • Thursday (1/25): 10:00am - 9:30pm
  • Friday (1/26): 10am - 6pm
  • Saturday (1/27): 10am - 6pm
  • Sunday (1/28): 10am - 6pm
There will be a dinner break on Wed and two meal breaks on Thursday, with a lunch break on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
*Must register by November 30th
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  113 E. Broadway Ave, Maryville TN
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The Attacker Moves First, I Arrive First
-From The Tai Chi Classics
In this workshop,
you will get the secrets of how Tai Chi fights!  
One of those secrets is how to fight so that you 
Arrive first every time 
with overwhelming power and speed!   
The way to do this is hidden in plain sight in the Tai Chi forms!
Without someone specifically pointing out the key of how the fighting strategy is used it is nearly impossible to see it.
once you see the explanation & demonstration of how Tai Chi fights,
you will never forget it!  
You will fully understand it THE FIRST TIME you see it!
And it is so powerful that you will NEVER forget it!  
You'll Never See Tai Chi The Same Way Again!
Not only do you arrive first, but you do it with devastating power in each and every touch!
In real life & death encounters more than 10 Clear Tai Chi students who have used this method to protect themselves from violent criminals have ended the fight (by Knockout) in seconds after first contact.
Read that again!
Once the punches start flying the fight is over in seconds.
WIth NO damage to the Clear Tai Chi student.
The secret is, Arriving first with devastating whole body power even though the Clear Tai Chi practitioner only defended themselves. 
I repeat-  the Clear Tai Chi student was NOT the aggressor in ANY of these situations!
*Early Bird Special ends November 30th
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So, What Are You Going To Get?
It's been said Tai Chi Chuan is an art too vast for any one person to learn all of it in their lifetime.
But that is for every version of the entire art at the most advanced levels and it does not mean you can't fight with Tai Chi 
              -or that it will take your entire life to learn how.        
Tai Chi first became famous because of its fighting prowess. 
 The fighting part of the art was trained from the very beginning of one's study of the art,  
and in fact it was how I began my serious studies of the art.        
Unfortunately, most folks studying Tai Chi do not have a clue about how to fight with it!

As a result, in the Tai Chi community there are a lot of disagreements and the words, "that's not Tai Chi"  get thrown around a lot.

This is mostly by people who are speculating at best (because they just don't know any better)...
...and sometimes by folks who exclusively promote a specific style or method (Chen, Yang Etc)
They tend to act like their way is the only real way, as if somehow they have the exclusive truth and everyone else is wrong.         
The truth of the matter is more complex-
The skillsets of Tai Chi Chuan are so vast that many fighting methods are fragmented or only partially derived from those skills.
...Why is that important?
Because in this program,
You're going to get:
A COMPLETE Tai Chi Fighting Method!

Used to Defend Yourself Against Any Violent Attacks you may encounter

Including, SAFE & FUN ways to practice! 
And I'm NOT talking about some boxing program repackaged as "Tai Chi Fighting"
Tai Chi fighting looks like Tai Chi.
         It doesn't look like Boxing or Kick-Boxing, and it doesn't look like wrestling or MMA.
Even though different personal preferences, Jins, personalities & body types, etc. have led to a variety of different fighting methods, 

There is NO MISTAKING IT when you see real Tai Chi Chuan.
What the methods all have in common (different as they are) is that they are all actually Tai Chi Chuan!
A REAL Tai Chi Fighting Method will not violate even ONE Tai Chi principle, and it will deliver on ALL the promises of the Tai Chi Classics.
When Tai Chi Chuan is fighting, it LOOKS and MOVES like Tai Chi Chuan!
Now, like I said, there are different Tai Chi fighting methods and some are pretty radically different.
It MIGHT not look like what you have been led to expect...
But when the body qualities, movements, techniques, and most importantly the PRINCIPLES are correct, then it's correct!
If you're not used to seeing Tai Chi in action, you'll be in for a bit of a surprise.
But in no time at all you will see how all of the moves and applications flow NATURALLY out of the fighting method (whichever one you happen to be using).
That's how it's supposed to be, because in a real attack you won't have time to think about your awesome applications.
Techniques fail in a fight, but the PRINCIPLES can save your life. 
And yet techniques are all most people in Tai Chi Chuan ever practice, because they were never taught – in most cases they never even SAW – a true Tai Chi fighting method at any point in their training.
In his monumental Tai Chi Fighting workshop, Richard Clear is going to change the way the world thinks about Tai Chi Chuan.
Clear Tai Chi  
Fighting Skills Include:
  • The Tai Chi Chuan Fighting Mindset
  • ​The Tai Chi Chuan Sparring Method  
  • ​Internal Power IN ACTION! Used for real self-defense
  • Tai Chi Chuan Timing & Distance Drills
  • ​Yin and Yang for Fighting!
  • ​Expanding and Contracting
  • ​Lightness and Heaviness
  • Defensive & Offensive Tai Chi Skills (yes, Tai Chi has an Offense...)
  • ​Tai Chi Body Skills Used For Fighting
  • ​The fighting secrets hidden in the Tai Chi Moves
But that's just the tip of the iceberg!
In this workshop you will also get:
Tai Chi Chuan Skills
Attacking Skills
  • Explosive Fa Jin striking
  • ​Vital Point & Pressure Point Strikes  
  • ​Grappling -and escaping & evading grapples (including Ground Fighting)
  • ​Small joint manipulation and breaks
  • ​"Poison Hand" techniques of Tai Chi
Movement Skills
  • Slipping
  • Expanding and Contracting
  • ​Sticking & Crowding
  • ​"Lightness" Skill for Evasion
  • Timing and Distance drills
Internal Skills
  • Absorbing & Borrowing Force
  • ​Fa Jing Projecting
  • Whole Body Weight Applied for FIGHT ENDING power
  • ​Dissolving incoming force from strikes
  • ​Floating Root for MASSIVE power (both defensive & offensive)
*Early Bird Special ends November 30th
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
You are going to get ALL THIS and MORE!
But let's not focus on small pieces-
What's the BIG PICTURE?

The most important thing is that: 
At the end of this workshop, you will get real fighting ability with Tai Chi Chuan! 
There are videos on the internet where you can see alleged "Tai Chi Masters" get beaten by mid-tier MMA fighters who are just fishing to make a name for themselves...
There's a lot of varied opinions going around about what happened, or why they lost, or what that means for Tai Chi...
But the truth of the matter is-
It doesn't matter what kind of skills these guys have.
If you don't know how to really fight with Tai Chi - your skills will fail you.
Unless you know how to deal with the SPEED and INTENSITY of your attacker- 
you will be overwhelmed.
If you can't control the fighting space- 
                                                 they will control it for you.
Somewhere along the way, people forgot about that.
They thought they could distance themselves from having to train the essentials by developing all of these slick internal power tricks without knowing how to fight.
But they didn't understand the purpose of Tai Chi from the beginning...
What's the ONE THING you're going to get that will change everything?
You're going to get DEEP exposure to the reality of how fights work.
Yes, I'm going to show you Internal Power skills-
And yes, I'm going to show you how the Tai Chi moves can be used to attack, defend, or counter.
But the number one thing I'm going to give you IS:
A clear ability to fight with Tai Chi Chuan!
Before the end of this workshop- you will be a different person.
This is going to change how you see the art from now on-
And how you see its practitioners.
You will know who can fight with Tai Chi, and who can not.
And they might not know what you can do- but they'll see you have it.
They'll see it in every move of the set, and every time you do something.
And they might not know what it is-
but they'll know that they're missing something.
Because this knowledge changes EVERYTHING.
Are You Ready For That Kind of Transformation?
*Early Bird Special ends November 30th
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
But Don't Just Take It From Me -
See What OTHERS are saying!

I really appreciate your insights and all the so called secrets of the true taichi chuan internal martial arts aspects that you are preaching to the world. 

I am in your debt after 45 years studying Yang and Wu style of taichi chuan. 

-William Wu

You can bring a person from zero capability to an assured capability to defend and survive an attack.

I’ve used Richard’s training in real situations, and it is absolutely the technique I will use if ever threatened again.

It is simply the only system I’ve ever seen that actually works.

-LTC(R) Robert R. Leonhard

Ph.D.Analyst, Strategic AssessmentsNational Security Analysis Department

Sigung Clear is an excellent instructor and a very talented martial artist.

I would recommend his seminars wholeheartedly. 

You will not find a better explanation of the internal martial arts and its benefits.

-Steven M. Aldus

US Martial Arts Hall of Fame – Hall of Heroes Inductee (2017)

In one five day seminar I made more advancements in internal power than I had made in the last twenty years.

-Ty Talbert

Owner and Founder of Colton Tai Chi

Thank God for your program! 

In Costa Rica 9 guys attacked me...

This knowledge saved my life.

-Michael Kluzinski

This program is an amazingly smart approach in how to defend yourself, both physically and legally, before during and after an attack.

-H. Stratton Smith III, Attorney-At-Law

I have been able to understand, learn, and perform much more from your programs in just 2 years than in my previous 30 plus years of practicing martial arts.

Thank you for your instruction, Master Clear.

-George O'Masta

Thank God for your program! 

I am an offshore financial planner.

In Costa Rica 9 guys attacked me.

This knowledge saved my life.

Michael Kluzinski

Truly impressed with your material. It has, I believe given me the key to open a black box I have had for 30 years

-Brian Scott

When I had to use this program on the street one day it worked just like you taught us. 

I would definitely recommend your program to busy executives who would like to develop the absolute ability to defend themselves.

-Benjamin T. Wacksman 

WP Commercial Inc.County Commissioner at Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL

So to sum it all up - what are you going to get?
  • The ability to win a confrontation physically, morally and in a way that can be easily legally defended.
  • ​Beat any attacker you are aware of to the hit every time!
  • ​A method of breathing that makes the body much stronger & faster.
  • ​Instantly knock out the attacker in the first few critical seconds of physical contact by utilizing esoteric (little known, secret and hidden) Dim Mak pressure point knowledge.
  • ​Make anyone who is thinking about grabbing you think twice (usually they won’t do it) & if they try to grab you they will almost instantly stop or let go.
  • ​How to prepare & respond to a surprise attack so well that most of the time the attacker will not attack. Our students who have had to use this information have found that more than 85% of the time they never had to physically touch the attacker.
  • ​We guarantee that at you will be able to deliver at least 3 hits a second with full knockout force and shock power.
  • ​We guarantee that you will be able to hit at least 30 times in 10 seconds (if it lasts that long, and it never does!)
*Early Bird Special ends November 30th
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Sigung Richard Clear
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